Hervo and Hervola—Idyllic Villas in Häme´s Countryside

Hervo and Hervola are peaceful and idyllic places to spend holidays year-round. Old, newly-renovated log villas are homey and atmospherically unique. Busyness is literally left to the city, as you drive along the winding road surrounded by a fielded landscape around the yards of the old villas.
The surrounding nature offers enjoyable outdoor activity possibilities. These include: wandering the forests or nearby swamp, cycling along the small road, skiing throughout the hilly fields or sledding will surely refresh your body and mind!
The villas are joined by a forest paths that wind about the edges of ridges and SUPPAs (ravines?) in a sloped grove. One hundred-fifty and two hundred meters from the villas, down sloping paths is found Hervo lake, which boasts a private peaceful beach. You can enjoy the peace of nature, sit around the bonfire, row the boat, fish, and of course: take a sauna. It is nice to jump into the lake after throwing some steam in the sauna by the shore.